12.108 | Fall 2004 | Undergraduate

Structure of Earth Materials

Lecture Notes

I. Crystal Symmetry
Lec 1 2-D Symmetry Operations (PDF)
Lec 2 3-D Symmetry + Translation
Lec 3 Point Groups and Space Groups (PDF)
II. Crystal Chemistry and Bonding
Lec 4 Coordination Number and Polyhedra (PDF)
Lec 5 Bonding Models - Ionic - Electrostatics (PDF)
Lec 6 Bonding Models - Covalent - Metallic
III. X-ray and Electron Diffraction
Lec 7 Crystal Lattices - Reciprocal Lattices (PDF)
Lec 8 X-ray Generation, Diffraction, Bragg’s Law (PDF)
IV. Mineral Groups
Lec 9 Earth’s Element Inventory - Metals and Sulfides (PDF)
Lec 10 High P Mantle Mineralogy (PDF)
Lec 11 Pyriboles (PDF)
Lec 12 Feldspar, Quartz (PDF)
Lec 13 Carbonates, Sulfates, etc. (PDF)
V. Tensor Analysis
Lec 14 Tensor Properties (PDF)
Lec 15 Representation Quadrics (PDF - 1.0 MB)
VI. Optical Properties
Lec 16 The Interaction of Electric Fields with Crystals: An Introduction to Crystal Optics (PDF)
Lec 17 Optical Indicatrices (PDF)
Lec 18 Optical Properties (PDF)
VII. Elastic and Magnetic Properties
Lec 19 Stress and Strain (PDF)
Lec 20 Stiffness and Compliance (PDF)
VIII. Crystal Defects
Lec 21 Point and Line Defects
Lec 22 Magnetic Properties
Lec 23 Review

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