12.109 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate



0 Introduction Microscope Care (PDF)

Lab Notes (PDF)

Hand Sample Properties Rubric (PDF)
1 Plagioclase, Olivine, Orthopyroxene, and Clinopyroxene Lab 1a (PDF)

Lab 1b (PDF)

Olivine (PDF)

Plagioclase (PDF)

Pyroxene (PDF)

2 Feldspars, Amphiboles, and Sheet Silicates Lab 2 (PDF) K-spar (PDF)

Amphiboles (PDF)

Sheet Silicates (PDF)

3 Garnet, Quartz, Feldspathoids, Zeolites, and Anything else… Lab 3 (PDF) Garnet Group (PDF)

Quartz (PDF)

Feldspathoids (PDF)

Zeolites (PDF)

4 Sumptuous Textures Lab 4 (PDF)  
5 Mantle Rocks Lab 5 (PDF) Spinel Group (PDF)
6 Basalts Lab 6 (PDF)  
7 Arc Volcanoes - A Case Study of Mt. Doom Lab 7 (PDF) Data (XLS)

Stratigraphy (JPG)

8 Granites Lab 8 (PDF)  
9 Sediment Lab 9 (PDF)  
10 Lab Midterm Each student will be given a hand sample and a thin section. You are supposed to write two pages describing them (e.g., identify minerals as much as you can and write down how you identify them, rock texture and implications of crystallization environment, cooling history and so on). It will be due on the same day.  
11 Hand Specimens of Metamorphic Rocks Lab 11 (PDF)  
12 Progressive Metamorphism of Pelites Lab 12 (PDF) Image Gallery
13 Other Metamorphic Rocks Lab 13 (PDF) Image Gallery
14 Bonus Lab: More Metamorphic Rocks Lab 14 (PDF) Image Gallery
15 Lab Final Exam Lab Final (PDF)  

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