12.517 | Spring 2001 | Graduate

Dynamics of Complex Systems: Ecological Theory


Lec # Topics
Complexity, Stability, and the Struggle for Existence
1 Predator-prey Models
2 Supplemental Information Ecological Experiments
3 Supplemental Information Niche Theory
4 Stability of Complex Systems
5 Supplemental Information Competitive Exclusion
6 Chaotic Dynamics
7 Network Theory
Spatial Interactions
8 Population Dispersal
9 Patchiness
10 Pattern and Scale
11 Spatial Models and Interacting Particle Systems
12 Lattice-gas Models
13 Plankton Patchiness
14 Supplemental Information Scaling from Trees to Forests
Co-evolution with the Environment
15 Evolution of Biodiversity
16 Supplemental Information Adaptation and Diversification
17 Artificial Life and Biological Complexity
18 Cycles
Student Presentations
19 Reactivity, Stability, and Plankton (2 Presentations)
20 Theory of Productivity-Diversity Relationships
21 Evolution of Virulence in Host-Pathogen Systems
22 Renormalization Approach to Biological Systems
23 Directed Motion in Lotka-Volterra Models
24 Supplemental Information “Highly Optimized Tolerance” and Ecology
25 Theory of Vegetation Patterns

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