12.804 | Fall 2009 | Graduate

Large-scale Flow Dynamics Lab


For each topic, students have the choice of a few different projects, each with a different method/data set. Generally, the options are: numerical modeling, tank modeling, ocean data, and atmospheric data. On the first day of each unit the instructors introduce the projects and students divide into groups. Most sessions, the students work in groups during classtime with help from the instructors.

1 2D inversion projects introduced
2-4 2D inversion in-class work
5 2D inversion presentations
6 Geostrophic adjustment projects introduced
7-8 Geostrophic adjustment in-class work
9 Geostrophic adjustment presentations
10 Vortex interaction projects introduced
11-12 Vortex interaction in-class work
13 Vortex interaction presentations
14 Rossby waves and quasi-geostrophic projects introduced
15-17 Rossby waves and quasi-geostrophic in-class work
18 Rossby waves and quasi-geostrophic presentations
19 Frontal waves projects introduced
20-22 Frontal waves in-class work
23 Frontal waves presentations
24 Baroclinic instability projects introduced
25 Baroclinic instability in-class work
26 Baroclinic instability presentations
27 Geostrophic balance projects introduced
28-30 Geostrophic balance in-class work
31 Geostrophic balance presentations