14.385 | Fall 2007 | Graduate
Nonlinear Econometric Analysis

Lecture Notes

Part A – Chernozhukov

L1 Methods for nonlinear models: maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), generalized method of moments (GMM), minimum distance, extremum Basic overview of some principal methods (PDF)
L2-L5 Large sample theory, asymptotic theory, discrete choice, censoring, and sample selection

Consistency for extremum estimators (PDF - 3.6 MB)

Consistency (cont.)

Asymptotic distribution of extremum estimators (PDF)

Asymptotic distribution of GMM/nonlinear instrumental variables (IV) (PDF)

Two-step estimators, efficiency, one-step estimators (PDF)

L6-L7 Bootstrap, subsampling, and finite-sample methods

Bootstrap and finite sample inference (PDF)

Consistency and accuracy of bootstrap (PDF)

L8-L9 Quantile regression (QR) and distributional methods

An introduction to quantile methods (PDF)

Quantile methods 2: equivariance, GMM for quantiles, endogenous models, empirical examples (PDF)

L10-L11 Bayesian and quasi-Bayesian methods (from a classical view) Bayesian and quasi-Bayesian methods (PDF)
L12 Bounds and partial identification Set estimation and inference in moment condition models (PDF)

Part B – Newey

L13-L14 GMM: identification, estimation, testing, bias, selecting moments

Generalized method of moments notes (PDF)

GMM estimation and testing slides (PDF)

GMM estimation and testing II slides (PDF)

L15 Weak and many instruments  
L16-L17 Nonparametric estimation

Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation notes (PDF)

Nonparametric regression slides (PDF)

Locally linear regression notes (PDF)

L18-L19 Semiparametric estimation

Nonparametric and semiparametric estimation notes (PDF)

Semiparametric models and estimators slides (PDF)

L20 Treatment effects

Treatment effects notes (PDF)

Treatment effects I slides (PDF)

Treatment effects II slides (PDF)

L21-L22 Nonlinear models in panel data Nonlinear panel data slides (PDF)
L23-L25 Economic modeling and econometrics Demand estimation with imperfect competition slides (PDF)

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