15.025 | Spring 2015 | Graduate

Game Theory for Strategic Advantage


1 Introduction  
2 Rationality  
3 Nash Equilibrium  
4 (Un)predictable Outcomes  
5 Application: Strategic Trade Policy Problem Set 1 due
6 Designing Games and Influencing Outcomes  
7 Backward Induction  
8 Bargaining Prepare Worksheet for Right of First Refusal
9 Wars of Attrition Problem Set 2 due
10 Team Presentations: Project Proposals Project Proposals due
11 Dynamic Price Competition  
12 Introduction to Repeated Interaction  
13 Long-run Relationships  
14 Application: Tacit Coordination  
15 Games with Asymmetric Information  
16 Introduction to Auctions  
17 Online Auctions  
18 Designing Auctions and Other Markets  
19 Costly Signaling vs. Cheap Talk Prepare Worksheet for Poker Game
20 Credibility and Reputation  
21 Application: Cold War Politics Project Progress Reports due
22 Team Project Presentations  
23 Team Project Presentations (cont.) Final Projects due in Class

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