Lecture Notes

1 Formulations (PDF)
2 Complexity (PDF)
3 Methods to enhance formulations I (PDF)
4 Methods to enhance formulations II (PDF)
5 Ideal formulations I (PDF)
6 Ideal formulations II (PDF)
7 Ideal formulations III (PDF)
8 Duality theory I (PDF)
9 Duality theory II (PDF)
10 Algorithms for solving relaxations (PDF)
11 Robust discrete optimization (PDF)
12 Lattices I (PDF)
13 Lattices II (PDF)
14 Algebraic geometry I (PDF)
15 Algebraic geometry II (PDF)
16 Geometry (PDF)
17 Cutting plane methods I (PDF)
18 Cutting plane methods II (PDF)
19 Enumerative methods (PDF)
20 Heuristic methods (PDF)
21 Approximation algorithsm I (PDF)
22 Approximation algorithms II (PDF)
23 Approximation algorithms III (PDF)
24 Mixed integer optimization I (PDF)
25 Mixed integer optimization II (PDF)
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Problem Sets
Lecture Notes