15.356 | Spring 2004 | Graduate

How to Develop "Breakthrough" Products and Services

Video Lectures

Video lectures are available for the sessions noted below.

1 Who Develops Breakthrough New Products and Services - Users or Manufacturers? (MP4 - 118MB)
2 Systematic Generation of Ideas for “Breakthrough” New Products and Services - the “Lead User Method” (MP4 - 105MB)
3 Finding out What Users Really Need: The “Sticky Information” and “Learning by Doing” Problems  
4 Systematic Generation of Incremental Improvements to Existing Products and Services

Traditional Marketing Research Concept Generation Techniques

(MP4 - 124MB)
5 “Brainstorming” and Creativity Training Techniques
Lecturer: Jeff Mauzy, Principal, Synectics, Inc. Cambridge, MA
6 The MIT Media Lab Approach: “Build It and They Will Come.”
Lecturer: Joe Paradiso, MIT Media Lab
7 Determining Average Users’ Needs Ethnographically and Then Developing Solutions
Lecturer: Dr. Harry West, VP, Design Continuum
8 Why Users Share Innovations with Each Other and with Manufacturers: Informal Know-How Trading, Collective Invention and Voluntary Revealing  
9 Toolkits for User Innovation
Lecturer: John Wright, International Flavors and Fragrances
10 User Innovation Communities - No Manufacturer Required  
11 Resistance to Adopting Radically New Innovations - Even in Firms that “Want To”  

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