16.06 | Fall 2012 | Undergraduate

Principles of Automatic Control


This course features active learning recitations in which the entire class works on problems in pairs on boards throughout the room. The professor and teaching assistant observe students and coach them as they work to solve the problem. The notes collected below are then posted after the recitation for the students to review. Recitation notes for sessions 2–4, 9–10, and 12–3 are courtesy of Anton Aboukhalil.

1 Effect of feedback (PDF)
2 Step response problems (PDF)
3 Routh array problems (PDF)
4 Root locus problems (PDF)
5 Root locus problems (cont.) (PDF)
6 Bode diagram problems (PDF)
7 Nyquist plot problems (PDF)
8 PD controller design problem (PDF)
9 Lead compensator design problem (PDF)
10 Compensation strategy design problem (PDF)
11 Nichols plot problem (PDF)
12 Discrete-time controller design problem (PDF)
13 Discrete-time controller design problem (PDF)

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