16.333 | Fall 2004 | Graduate

Aircraft Stability and Control

Lecture Notes

1 Equilibrium States

Aircraft Performance

Introduction to Basic Terms

2 Static Stability

Aircraft SS (Longitudinal)

Wing/Tail Contributions

3 Coordinate Systems

Euler Angles


(PDF) navion_1.m (M)
4 Aircraft Dynamics (PDF)  
5 Aircraft Dynamics (cont.)    
6 Aircraft Longitudinal Dynamics (PDF) Matrix Diagonalization (PDF)
lecture4.m (M)
7 Approximate Longitudinal Dynamics Models (PDF)  
8 Aircraft Lateral Dynamics

Spiral, Roll, and Dutch Roll Modes

(PDF) lecture11.m (M)
9 Basic Longitudinal Control (PDF)  
10 State Space Control (PDF)  
11 State Space Control (cont.)    
12 Aircraft Lateral Autopilots (PDF) ac3.m (M)
newr.m (M)
ac3_lat.mdl (MDL)
13 Aircraft Longitudinal Autopilots

Altitude Hold and Landing

(PDF - 1.0 MB) altit_simul.m (M)
altit.mdl (MDL)
14 Equations of Motion in a Nonuniform Atmosphere

Gusts and Winds

15 Inertial Sensors

Complementary Filtering

Simple Kalman Filtering

(PDF) Examples of Estimation Filters from Recent Aircraft Projects at MIT (PDF)
16 System Identification (PDF)  
17 Model Validation (PDF) Distributed Coordination and Control Experiments on a Multi-UAV Testbed (PDF)

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