16.36 | Spring 2009 | Undergraduate
Communication Systems Engineering


The MATLAB files for problem set 6 are courtesy of Greg Kuperman, the course TA, and are used with permission.

Problem set 1 (PDF)  
Problem set 2 (PDF)

clip.wav (WAV)

From “Candles & Purple Leaves.” Courtesy of PeerGynt Lobogris on Jamendo.

Problem set 3 (PDF)  
Problem set 4 (PDF)  
Problem set 5 (PDF)  
Problem set 6 (PDF)

rand_bitstring.m (M)

error_check.m (M)

Problem set 7 (PDF)  
Problem set 8 (PDF)  
Problem set 9 (PDF)  
Problem set 10 (PDF)  
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