This section contains problem sets and the final project.


MILP = mixed-integer linear programming

HMM = hidden Markov model

Problem Sets

1 Introduction to Java ( PDF) Java jump start ( PDF)
2 Depth-first search and breadth-first search implementation, complexity of search algorithms ( PDF) Incomplete code ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 11 .java files, 1 .py file and 1 .xml file.)
3 Proving soundness and completeness, constraint modeling ( PDF)  
4 Implementation of backtrack search and backtrack search with forward checking, using the graphplan software ( PDF) Incomplete code ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 9 .java, 2 .h files, 7 .c files, 3 .txt files and 1 .exe file.)
5 Activity planning and execution, proving termination of graphplan ( PDF) Graphplan ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 7 .c files, 3 .txt files, 2 .h files, 1 .exe file and 15 .svn files.)
6 Propositional logic ( PDF)  
7 Model-based diagnosis, constraint optimization, A*, conflict-directed A*

Part 1 ( PDF - 2.5MB)

Part 2 ( PDF)

Incomplete code ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 12 .java files and 1 .xml file.)
8 Mathematical programming (formulating various problems as mathematical programs, linear programming and the simplex algorithm) ( PDF)

lpsolve instructions ( PDF)

Incomplete code ( JAVA)

Example code that interacts with lpsolve ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 2 .java files.)

9 Mathematical programming (MILPs) and reasoning in an uncertain world (probabilistic inference, graphical models) ( PDF)  
10 Acting in an uncertain world (HMMs, robot localization and mapping and HMM algorithms) ( PDF)  
11 Dynamic programming, machine learning, game theory ( PDF)  

Final Project

  Project overview ( PDF)  
1 Activity planning via SATPlan ( PDF)

PDDL parser example code ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 2 .pddl files and 1 .java file.)

SAT solver example code ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 1 .java file.)

Lunar logistics mission PDDL files ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 4 .pddl files.)

2 Path planning using rapidly-exploring random trees ( PDF) Example environment files ( ZIP) (This ZIP file contains: 1 .m and 4 .txt files.)

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