16.410 | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate

Principles of Autonomy and Decision Making



[BW] = Prof. Brian Williams
[EF] = Prof. Emilio Frazzoli
[SK] = Sertac Karaman

1 Introduction [BW]  
2 Foundations I: state space search [BW]  
3 Foundations II: complexity of state space search [BW] Problem set 1 due
4 Foundations III: soundness and completeness of search [SK]  
5 Constraints I: constraint programming [BW] Problem set 2 due
6 Constraints II: constraint satisfaction [BW]  

Constraints III: conflict-directed back jumping

Planning I: activity planning [BW]

Problem set 3 due
8 Planning II: graph plan [BW]  
9 Planning III: plan termination and plan execution [BW] Problem set 4 due
10 Model-based reasoning I: propositional logic and satisfiability [BW] Problem set 5 due
11 Encoding planning problems as propositional logic satisfiability [SK]  
  Midterm exam  
12 Model-based reasoning II: diagnosis and mode estimation [BW]  
13 Model-based reasoning III: OpSat and conflict-directed A* [BW] Problem set 6 due
14 Global path planning I: informed search [EF]  
15 Global path planning II: sampling-based algorithms for motion planning [EF] Final project part 1 due
16 Mathematical programming I [EF]  
17 Mathematical programming II: the simplex method [EF] Problem set 7 due
18 Mathematical programming III: (mixed-integer) linear programming for vehicle routing and motion planning [EF]  
19 Reasoning in an uncertain world [BW] Problem set 8 due
20 Inferring state in an uncertain world I: introduction to hidden Markov models [EF]  
21 Inferring state in an uncertain world II: hidden Markov models, the Baum-Welch algorithm [EF] Problem set 9 due
22 Dynamic programming and machine learning I: Markov decision processes [EF]  
23 Dynamic programming and machine learning II: Markov decision processes, policy iteration [EF]

Problem set 10 due

Final project part 2 due

24 Game theory I: sequential games [EF]  
25 Game theory II: differential games [SK]  

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