16.412J | Spring 2016 | Graduate
Cognitive Robotics


All reading assignments, if available, are listed below.

Reading for Lecture 1

Williams, Brian C., Michel D. Ingham, et al. “Model-based Programming of Fault-aware Systems.” AI Magazine 24, no. 4 (2016). (American Association for Artificial Intelligence)

Prerequisite Readings for Lecture 2

Additional Reading for Lecture 2

Williams, Brian C., and Robert J. Ragno. “Conflict-directed A* and Its Role in Model Based Embedded Systems.” Discrete Applied Mathematics 155, no. 12 (2007): 1562–95. (Elsevier)

Additional Reading for Lecture 4

Dechter, Rina, I. Meiri, et al. “Temporal Constraint Networks.” Artificial Intelligence 49, no. 1–3 (1991): 61–95. (Elsevier)

Muscettola, Nicola, Paul Morris, et al. “Reformulating Temporal Plans for Efficient Execution.” Citeseerx (1998): 254–61. (AAAI ‘98 / IAAI ‘98 Proceedings of the fifteenth national / tenth conference on Artificial intelligence / Innovative applications of artificial intelligence)

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