2.830J | Spring 2008 | Graduate
Control of Manufacturing Processes (SMA 6303)


Some solutions are taken from student submissions for each assignment, and are used courtesy each student named below, with their permission.

This page contains problem sets for the course, files containing data used in the problems, and solutions for most problems.

1 (PDF)   (PDF) (Courtesy of Eehern Wong.)
2 (PDF)

Problem 4:(XLS)

Control lab video

3 (PDF)

Problem 4: (XLS)

Problem 5: (XLS)

4 (PDF) Problem 2: (XLS) (PDF)
5 (PDF)   (PDF)
6 (PDF) Problem 1: (XLS) (PDF) (Courtesy of Xiangyong Su, Koji Umeda, and Kaizhao Lee.)
7 (PDF) Problem 3: (XLS) (PDF) (Courtesy of Xiangyong Su and Richard Schwenke.)
8 (PDF) Problem 1: (XLS) (PDF) (Courtesy of Mohammed Imani Nejad and Xiao Shen.)

Control Lab Video

Final Project

The students also completed a group project as part of this course. The following documents explain the assignment, including a report template and a sample report and presentation from last year. The list of 2008 presentation topics is also included.

Project guidelines (PDF)

Project report template (PDF)

Sample project report: “Profit Maximization in Ethanol Production (May 2007).” (PDF) (Courtesy of R. Sriram, S. Subramaniam, and G. Tomlin. Used with permission.)

Sample project presentation: “An Industrial Example of Oxide Etch Process Control and Optimization.” (PDF) (Courtesy of Jing Yao, Kai Meng, and Yi Qian. Used with permission.)

Presentation topics 2008 (PDF)

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