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1 Important Role of Water Molecule, Hydration of Amino Acids, Protein and Other Biological Materials

2 Amino Acids: Their Chemical and Physical Properties

Influence of Ionic Strength, pH, etc.

3 Primary and Secondary Structures of Proteins

Dihedral Angles, Peptide Bonds, Planar Structure, Relationship and Propensity of Amino Acid Sequence, Secondary Structure

Ramachandran Plot

4 Alpha-helices, 310 Helix, pi Helix, Beta-helices, etc.

Variation of Helices and Their Helical Bundles, Two Strand Coiled-coils, Three or Four Strand Coiled-coils, Supercoils

Various Helical Rich Protein Structure Models

Alpha-helices in Biological Materials

5 Helical Coiled-coils

Two-, Three-, Four- Stranded Helical Bundles

Applying Coiled-coils to Nanomaterials, Molecular Springs, Switches, etc.

6 Beta Sheets: Antiparallel, Parallel, and Twist

Beta Sheet Rich Proteins

Beta Sheets in Biological Materials

7 Practical Aspects of Single Crystal X-ray Crystallography, Part 1

X-ray Single Crystal Diffraction, Fiber Diffraction

Preparation of the Samples for Diffraction Analyses

8 NMR (Guest Lecturer: Peter Carr, MIT Media Lab)

9 Practical Aspects of Single Crystal X-ray Crystallography, Part 2

10 Analytical Approaches and Instrumentation (Guest Lecturer: Sotirus Koutsopoulos, Ph.D)

11 Silk Take-home midterm exam out
12 Biomineralization: Sea Creatures

13 Biomineralization: Bones and Teeth

14 Bioadhesives

15 Lipids as Building Materials

16 Polysaccharides and Oligosaccharides

17 Francis Crick Film

18 Molecular Structure and Self-assembly of DNA and RNA

19 Macromolecular Interactions and Protein and Adsorption (Guest Lecturer: Larry Unsworth, Ph.D, National Institute for Nanotechnology)

Crystallography (Guest lecturer: Liselotte Kaiser, MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering)

20 DNA Molecular Machines Take-home midterm exam due
21 Fluorescent Proteins

22 Self-assembling Peptide Systems (Dr. Zhang’s Research)

23 Self-assembling Peptide Systems (Dr. Zhang’s Research) (cont.)

Applying Biomimicry to Nanotechnology (Guest Lecture by Andreas Mershin)

24 Research in Biomaterials

25-26 Student Research Activity Presentations

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