21A.441 | Spring 2004 | Undergraduate

The Conquest of America

Lecture Notes

These notes cover lectures and some discussion sections. Concerning the discussions, they cover topics and questions which it is anticipated the class will discuss, but they may not correspond exactly to the actual discussions.

1 Greeting and Introduction (PDF)
2 The Spanish Conquest (PDF)
3 Las Casas and The Great Debate (PDF)
4 Indian Exploitation in The Spanish Empire Colonial Chronicles and Ethnography (PDF)
5 The Colombian Exchange (PDF)
6 Spanish Missionization of the Americas (PDF)
7 Film Showing (Excerpts) and Discussion: The Mission 
Remarks on Writing Papers
8 Resistance and Rebellion in Colonial Latin America (PDF)
9 Film Showing: Black Robe
10 Exploration and Colonization of North America, The Fur Trade, New France (PDF)
11 Discuss The Jesuit Relations (PDF)
12 Film Showing and Discussion: Black Robe (PDF)
13 Film Showing: Wilderness
14 Discuss William Cronon’s Changes in The Land, Taylor chaps. 8 and 9 (PDF)
15 War and Captivity in Colonial New England (PDF)

18th and 19th Century Frontiers, Indians and the New Republic

Evening Film Showing: Civilization

17 Independence and Change in 19th Century Latin America Frontiers in North and Latin America (PDF)
18 Film Showing and Discussion: Spirit Of Kuna Yala, Just us Kuna, Before Columbus
19 Historical Research (PDF)
20 Discuss Kuna Materials (PDF)
21 Indian Activism and Organizing
22 Film Showing and Discussion: Out of the Forest
23 Discuss Kayapo Case (PDF)
24 Brazilian Films: Video in The Villages 
Discuss Kayapo
25 Indigenous Peoples: Images and Ideology (PDF)
28 Last Films 
Wrap-up, Prepare for Exam

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