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Storefront Mosques of New York City Photos

All photos by Susan Slyomovics.

Temporary quarters of the Queens Muslim Center: kitchen cabinets serve as minbar and mihrab.

The muezzin of Masjid Al-Falah performs unamplified calls to prayer.

Islamic Sunnat-Ul-Jamaat: Hanafi Sunni mosque in the Bronx.

Interior of Sunnat-Ul-Jamaat mosque: The Imam points to masking tape lines that orient worshippers to Mecca.

Students leaving Islamic Sunday school at Masjid Al-Fatima in Queens.

Beginnings: a basement mosque with masjid painted on lower left corner, the Bronx.

Masjid Al-Falah Hanafi Sunni mosque in Corona, Queens under construction.

The Turkish community’s Al-Fatih Mosque: former movie theater ticket booth converted to a religious bookstore.