21G.030 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

East Asian Culture: From Zen to K-Pop


Unit 1: Introduction to East Asia
1 Introduction n/a
2 Lecture One-paragraph Reflection due
Unit 2: Zen Buddhism and Japanese Arts: Case Study–Japanese Gardens
3 Lecture n/a
4 Discussion Reading Response due
Unit 3: Literati Culture in Late Imperial China: Case Study–The Scholar and His Material World
5 Lecture n/a
6 Discussion Reading Response due
7 Field trip Report on the Field Trip Assigned
Unit 4: Korean Confucianism and Gender: Case Study–Lady Hyegyoung’s Hanjungnok
8 Lecture n/a
9 Discussion

Reading Response (optional)

Proposal for Final Project due

Unit 5: Food As a Lens: East Asian Foodways I
10 In-class Work and Food Videos n/a
11 Lecture n/a
Unit 6: Food As a Lens: East Asian Foodways II

Taiwan Studies Mini-panel

(Prof. Wen-hui Tang on Taiwanese Mothering and Dr. Meredith Schweig on Taiwanese Hip Hop)

13 Discussion

Groups Report out on their Country

Reading Response due

Unit 7: “Asian Values?” The Confucian Revival in East Asia and Singapore
14 Lecture (Prof. Samson Lim from SUTD, Singapore) Field Trip Report due
15 Discussion Reading Response due
Unit 8: Cool Japan—Anime
16 Quiz n/a
17 Lecture (Prof. Ian Condry, MIT) n/a
Unit 9: The Korean Wave
18 Lecture (Prof. Hyangjin Lee, Kim Koo Visiting Professor of Korean Studies, Harvard) n/a
19 Discussion Reading Response due
Unit 10: Rich and Poor in Contemporary China
20 Discussion Reading Response due
Unit 11: Westernization, Globalization, or Localization? Case Study: Food
21 Guest Lecture (Prof Merry White, Boston University) n/a
22 Discussion Final, Cumulative Reading Response (3pp) due
Unit 12: Student Presentations
23–26 Presentations  n/a

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