21G.030 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate

East Asian Culture: From Zen to K-Pop

Final Project

Final project deliverables include:

Final Project Proposal

Submit brief description of your proposed topic.

Final Project / Executive Summary and Bibliography

Submit it as double-spaced PDF and use citation quick guide for bibliography and executive summary citations (see ‘other useful resources’ provided below.)

Final Presentation

Submit the PowerPoint file, if using.

Assessment Guidelines for Final Project

Independent research skills—did the student select a feasible topic of study that will shed light on an important aspect of East Asian culture, past or present? Did the student conduct an appropriate amount of research (going beyond recycling what is on Wikipedia, for example) as reflected in the presentation, executive summary, and especially the bibliography?

Oral presentation skills—did the student deliver an effective and engaging oral presentation, demonstrating ability to communicate his / her findings and original ideas to the class? Were any visual aids or props used effectively? Did the student use the allotted eight minutes effectively, and adhere to the time limit?

Listening skills—did the student listen attentively and respectfully to all other student presentations? (This includes showing up for class, in a timely fashion, on days when you are not doing your own presentation.)

Executive summary skills—did the student compose a clear and concise executive summary that communicates effectively the research question, methods, and findings?

Bibliographic and citation skills—were all sources properly cited in the executive summary? Was a complete bibliography indicating all sources used for the research, and following the guidelines provided in the Chicago Manual of Style, included with the project?

Other Useful Resources for the Completion of the Final Project

Mayfield Guide to Executive Summary

Citation Quick Guide

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