21G.049 | Spring 2017 | Undergraduate

French Photography


Class Participation

Evaluated based on student’s attendance, the demonstration of adequate preparation, and the quality (not just quantity) of oral participation. Weekly Wiki Posts Students will, each week, upload either a photograph with explanatory caption (~50 words), a potential discussion question (~50 words), or short response to the week’s materials (~100 words) to the course Wiki. These are due by 7am every Monday (Wednesday if Monday class is canceled). Each week, as a class, we will discuss one or more questions/responses/photos. Individual responses will not be graded, but students must post each week to receive the full credit.


Each student will give one 7–10 minute oral and visual presentation about a topic relevant to that week’s discussion. Students will sign up for presentations at the beginning of the semester. Presentations must present an argument about the material and will be graded on content, clarity, engagement with the topic, and oral communication skills. They will include a bibliography and end with a discussion question for the class.

Exhibition Reviews

Students will write a review (1,100 words) of the exhibition “Charlotte Moth: Seeing while Moving” The review should read like exhibition reviews published in newspapers and magazines. It will explain the show to a general audience with an interest in photography, and make an argument about the content and its quality.

Visual Analysis Papers

Students will submit 3 visual analysis papers (1,300 words each) over the course of the semester. These papers will use visual and formal analysis as well as context discussed in readings and in class to explore the meaning of one image or a pair of images. Students will have the option of writing about the materials presented in different weeks. These papers are due the Wednesday after we discuss the topic in class. More details about the Visual Analysis Papers.

Writing Advisor Meeting

Students must meet with Nora Jackson, our writing advisor to discuss a draft of their first visual analysis paper. If students do not meet with the writing advisor, their papers (even if submitted) will count as late until they do so.

Paper Revision and Expansion

Students will revise and expand one paper (1,500 words) by incorporating research about the photograph or ideas in their original paper based on feedback received from the instructor. Students must meet with me in order to discuss the revisions (Failure to do so will mean that submitted papers lose 3 full letter grades). Once they have received feedback on two papers, students are free to submit the revised paper at any time.

Additional Details

All written assignments must employ a standardized citation system (i.e., MLA, Chicago). Students must submit a list of resources consulted for their oral presentations.

Late assignments will lose one full letter grade for each day past the deadline. Assignments handed in a week late will automatically receive no credit. No extensions will be granted after an assignment’s due date has passed.

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