21G.049 | Spring 2017 | Undergraduate

French Photography


Ses # Topics Key Dates
Week 1: Introduction

Photography, France, How to talk / write about photographs

Week 2: What is photography? I. (Moment or Network)
2 The Decisive Moment with Special Guest Dr. Nadya Bair  
3 Making the News  
Week 3: What is Photography? II (Science or Art)
4 Is it Technology?  
5 Is it Magic? With Special Guest Photographer Wilfrid Rouff  
Week 4: Capturing the World: Albert Kahn to Aerial Photography
6 Albert Kahn & The Archives de la Planète  
7 Aerial photography and surveillance  
Week 5: Likeness and Identity (Portraiture)
From Early Portraiture to the Selfie  
Photography, Identity, & Resemblance Visual Analysis Paper 1 due
Week 6: Politics, Propaganda, Protest
10 Protest Photography from May ’68 to Nuit Debut  
11 Photography and the President  
Week 7: Urban Exploration (Street Photography)
12 Documenting Urbanism  
13 People in the Streets  
Week 8: Research and Investigation
14 Peer Review Workshop  
15 Visit to the MIT Museum – Berenice Abbott Archive Visual Analysis Paper 2 due 
Week 9: Marking Art I (Realism & Abstraction)
16 Photography & Painting  
17 Visit to MIT LIST Gallery – Charlotte Moth Exhibition  
Week 10: Writing Week
18 Exhibition Review Workshop Exhibition Review due
Week 11: Tourism & Travel
19 The Postcard  
20 Snapshot photography  
Week 12: Making Art II (Institutions)
21 Museum Visit  
22 Photography and the Art Market / Museum Visual Analysis Paper 3 due
Week 13: Surveillance & the Law
23 Photographs as Witnesses  
24 Photography as Crime  
Week 14: Spreading the News (Humanistic Photography and Ethics)
25 Humanist photography  
26 Aesthetics and Suffering Revised and Expanded Paper due

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