21G.320 | Spring 2023 | Undergraduate

Introduction to French Literature


One Oral Presentation 

The oral presentation will introduce one of the six preselected books, its author, structure, characters, and style issues. It will be limited to a maximum of 15 minutes per student.

Six Short-Answer Papers

Each short-answer paper will consist of a half-page maximum answer to a question on the readings.

  1. Brigitte Giraud, Vivre vite, p. 11–23, 117–137 et 203–206. 
    • Question courte : La littérature peut-elle changer la réalité ?
  2. Monica Sabolo, La Vie clandestine, p. 11–18, 61–80, 145–152, 156–164, 189–192, 263–268 et 310–311. 
    • Question courte : Monica Sabolo écrit-elle pour pardonner à son père ?
  3. Makenzy Orcel, Une somme humaine, p. 15–20, 33–73 et 593–622. 
    • Question courte : La littérature permet-elle la résurrection ?
  4. Cloé Korman, Les Presque Soeurs, p. 11–47, 69–90, 107–113, 177–185 et 249–252. 
    • Question courte : Quelle est la différence entre l’histoire et la littérature ?
  5. Giuliano da Empoli, Le Mage du Kremlin, p. 13–43, 104–113, 123–127, 135–148, 157–167, 178–186 et 268–280. 
    • Question courte : La littérature est-elle une enquête ?
  6. Pascale Robert-Diard, La Petite Menteuse, p. 11–47, 60–67, 80–87, 92–104, 165–177 et 187–213. 
    • Question courte : Écrire, est-ce toujours mentir ?

One Four-Page Paper 

This paper will compare the novel students presented orally with a classic piece of French literature. Students will have to introduce this novel and its author, and explain why, in their opinion, the Goncourt prize novel resonates with such a book (topic, structure, style, opinion, characters, etc.). It is strongly suggested to conduct the research work in early April in order to have enough time to become familiar with the book. The final paper will be submitted one week before the end of classes.

One Five-Page Article 

Written in French and in English to narrate the experience of the Goncourt prize committee.

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