Weeks 1-15

Week 1

Session 1


Introduction to class: Lecture on Surrealism and the friendship of Luis Buñuel, Salvador Dalí, and Federico García Lorca in the 1920’s.

Discussion of film.


Un chien andalou (Un perro andaluz). Directed by Luis Buñuel. Black and White, 16 min. 1929.

View on YouTube: iconauta. “Luis Buñuel: Un Chien Andalou.” July 19, 2013. YouTube.


After class (and in preparation for the next class), you should watch this film as often as you can, using the study questions, film script, and chapter by Gwynne Edwards to help you better understand.

Visit the website Centro Virtual Cervantes. Students should view and read the contents of the first three titles:

The images that accompany each title are accessed by clicking the forward arrow to the left of the title / text page.

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