Weeks 1-15

Week 4

Session 5


Las Hurdes (Also known as Tierra sin pan or Land Without Bread). Directed by Luis Buñuel. Black and White, 30 min. Ramón Acín, 1933.


[Mi último suspiro] Chapters 12–14: “España Y Francia (1931–1936),” “Amores, amores,” y “La Guerra de España (1936–1939).” pp. 157–99.

Sections 3.1–3.12. Media: Cine por el Ministerio de Educación del Gobierno de España.

Assignment Due

Reading notes for Chapters 1–14 for Mi último suspiro.

Session 6


Continue discussing Las Hurdes.


Vilar, Pierre. “The Crisis of the Monarchy (1917–31)” and “The Republic (1931–1936).” In Spain: A Brief History. Pergamon Press, 1977. ISBN: 9780080214610.

Mauer, Barry. “Asynchronous Documentary: Buñuel’s ‘Land Without Bread’.” In Lowering the Boom: Critical Studies in Film Sound. Edited by Jay Bech and Tony Grajeda. University of Illinois Press, 2008, pp. 141–51. ISBN: 9780252075322. [Preview with Google Books]

Buñuel, Luis. “Tierra sin pan.” (Lecture presented in New York in 1940) and “El cine, instrument de poesía.” (Lecture presented in Mexico in 1953). In Escritos de Luis Buñuel. Editorial Paginas de Espuma, 2000. ISBN: 9788493124304.


By this session, students need to have informed the professor of their film choice for their 10-page paper, due by the end of the semester. See the Assignments section.

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