21G.S55 | Fall 2022 | Undergraduate

Japanese V


Course Meeting Times

Lectures: 3 sessions / week, 80 minutes / in-person session, 45 minutes / virtual session


21G.504 Japanese IV


Mayumi Oka et al., Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning through Content and Multimedia, Kurosio Publishing (2009).

Course Description

The experimental version of Japanese V offers a combination of in-person and synchronous remote instruction. It aims to achieve simultaneous progression of four skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It immerses students in various aspects of Japanese culture through authentic everyday Japanese media.

Course Objectives

This course is taught in a new hybrid model, offering a combination of in-person and synchronous remote instruction. We use the synchronous Zoom sessions to conduct more interactive exercises and/or give more individualized scaffolding and feedback for written assignments. You must attend both in-person classes and Zoom sessions.  

It covers the reading materials of lessons 1–5 in Tobira, along with some authentic and interactive learning materials relevant to the topics introduced in these chapters.


The goal of this course is the simultaneous progression of four skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—as well as becoming familiar with aspects of Japanese culture, which is necessary to improve your language. We will focus on the following:

  • Expanding grammatical patterns while reviewing the patterns that you’ve learned previously
  • Learning new vocabulary and expressions (together with kanji)
  • Developing the ability to perform basic communicative functions (e.g., explaining; expressing opinions; describing; etc.)
  • Developing the ability to understand authentic Japanese materials (e.g., newspapers, light novels, film clips, etc.) by yourself
  • Developing the ability to conduct your own project, using Japanese as a tool        

評価 (Evaluation)

  • Daily grade and participation: 30%
  • Quizzes: 25%
  • Five lesson quizzes: 25%                                                                                               
  • Written assignments: 10%
  • Project (oral presentation, written report): 10%

Daily Grade

Our Daily Grade (DG) is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • 10 = Excellent performance
  • 9 = Strong performance, good preparation
  • 8 = Satisfactory preparation
  • 7 = Weak performance with mistakes in major areas
  • 0 = Absent

Written Assignments

To receive full credit for the homework, each assignment must be submitted on time. Late submission (more than two days) will result in 0 points automatically.


We have two types of quizzes: homework quizzes and lesson quizzes.

For homework quizzes, there are various types: (i) vocabulary quizzes; (ii) kanji quizzes; and (iii) grammar quizzes. Complete these quizzes before coming to the class.

Lesson quizzes consist of (i) a written part; (ii) an interview; (iii) online quizzes (reading and kanji recognition); and (iv) read-aloud assignments.


Your project consists of a written essay and a multimedia product (e.g., Thinglink, PowerPoint, etc.). The topic of your project is based on your interests. Details about the project will be announced in class after week 4.

Attendance Policy

Because of the cumulative nature of language learning, it is essential that you attend all sessions and keep up with the coursework daily.  Please come to class well-prepared. Also, be punctual. Coming in late not only results in missed performances but also distracts other students.

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