21L.705 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate

Major Authors: John Milton

Study Materials

What Happens in Paradise Lost (PDF)

Essential Background for Reading Milton (PDF)

Allusions in Amber Spyglass — Sources for Mrs. Coulter’s “Thief in the Night” and “Mustard Seed”; Donne’s sonnet on the death of Death. (PDF)

William Blake’s Illustrations to Paradise Lost — One of Milton’s great readers, the Romantic poet and illustrator William Blake is also among the most famous proponents of Milton’s Satan.

John Dryden, “State of Innocence " — Paradise Lost in rhymed verse, by Milton’s younger contemporary. (Act 1, Scene 1.)

Early English Books Online — Use this site to view the original editions of Paradise Lost during Milton’s lifetime.

Genesis 32 — Jacob wrestles with the angel. (PDF)

Keats on “Negative Capability” — A fuller transcription of the letter in which JK coined this famous phrase.

Sources for The Golden Compass (PDF)

Early editions: 1667a (PDF), 1668a (PDF), 1668b (PDF), and 1674 (PDF) — Title pages and front matter for Book I from different years.

Class notes on Paradise Lost V. (PDF)

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