21M.220 | Fall 2010 | Undergraduate

Early Music

Lecture Notes

This page presents outlines for each lecture, and selected handouts. It also presents a full-length video of Lecture 16, as an illustration of the instructional methods used in class.

In Focus 1: Chant: Structure, Performance, and Development
1 Introduction to Early Music and to Chant (PDF)  
2 Antiquity to Chant (PDF)  
3 The Purpose and Types of Chant (PDF) Lecture slides (PDF - 1.6MB)

4 Diversity and Development in Chant (PDF) Byzantine ecphonetic notation. Greece, ca. 1100. Schøyen Collection MS 2033. (JPG)

Vedic numeric hand gesture music notation. India, 1583. Schøyen Collection 5292 (JPG)

Other Topics 1: From Chant to the Fourteenth-Century
5 Secular Monophony in the Middle Ages (PDF)  
6 The Birth of Polyphony (PDF) Lecture slides (PDF)
7 Polyphony (and some monophony) in the 13th and early 14th century (PDF)  
8 Fauvel, Vitry, Machaut and Music in France before 1370 (PDF) La quarte estampie real (PDF)
In Focus 2: Music in the Trecento (Italy 1340–1420)
9 Introduction to Trecento Music (PDF)  
10 Trecento Music and Musicology: Introduction to Research; Sacred Music (PDF)  
11 Simplicity and Complexity (PDF) Lecture slides (PDF - 5.0MB)

Paintings by Andrea da Firenze, Giotto di Bondone, and Jacopo del Casentino (ZIP - 1.4MB) (This zip file contains 11 jpg images.)

12 The End of the Trecento and The Rise of European Music (PDF - 2.6MB)  
  First Exam    
Other Topics 2: The “Renaissance” (1420–1600)
13 Music in the Mid-Fifteenth Century 1440–1480 (PDF) Lecture slides (PDF - 1.5 MB)

Notes on In Hydraulis by Timothy Dickey

14 Vocal Music: Josquin, his Contemporaries, and his Followers (PDF)  
15 Discussion: How to revise a research paper    
16 Lecture video: 16th century vocal and instrumental music (PDF) Lecture slides (PDF - 1.5 MB)
  Special Event: Jane Alden, “Why Facsimiles?”    
**In Focus 3: Elizabethan London
17 Tutor England / The Elizabethan Madrigal (PDF)  
18 English Music in Church and School (PDF) Evensong (Adapted): The Book of Common Prayer Noted (PDF)
19 Instrumental Music and Lute Song (Doug Freundlich, Guest Lecturer) (PDF)  
20 Music in London Society (PDF) Songs of Thomas Ravenscroft (PDF)
  Second Hour Exam    
Other Topics 3: New Developments on the Continent, 1570–1620
21 Madrigal and Drama in Late Sixteenth-Century Italy; Music in Venice (PDF)  
22 The Rise of Opera and a New Style (PDF)  

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