21M.734 | Fall 2003 | Undergraduate

Lighting Design for the Theatre


1 “Introduction, Overview, Expectations” Availability Chapter 1

Decipher Pictures/Create Plot from them

Discussion of Reading/Field Trips

Chapter 2
1st steps

3 Little Red Riding Hood - Script Analysis

Present E.R.’s/Adjectives

4 Meet in the Theater

Focus Small Plot to Create Cues from

Chapter 3
Next Steps

Meet in the Theater

Create a ““Look”” from your Emotional Response to the Music

Betrayal Script
6 Betrayal Design Meeting

7 A Basic Rep Plot for KLT - Working within Limitations/ Plot for Haiku Chapter 4
8 “Mike Katz - Drafting/Drawings, Sections, CAD, Vectorworks”

Speakeasy Tech

Actor scenes
9 Guest Actors Present Scenes - Discussion/Cues/Perceptions/Interpretations

10 Meet in the Theater

Hang and Focus Haiku Plots

11 Meet in the Theater

Cues for Haiku - Found Objects - Composition

Chapter 5
12 Meet in the Theater

Cues for Haiku - Found Objects - Composition part 2

13 Betrayal design Meeting alternate

Designer Slide Show/Tour?

Book of Days Script
14 Meet in the Theater

Using ““Haiku Plot”” Cue Scenes with Actors - Timing/ Initiation/Contrast"

Chapter 6
Color & Style
15 Style and Color Connotations - Students Present Research

Dance Troupe Ensemble Design Meeting

Voice of the Prairie
16 Voice of the Prairie Discussion

Additional Student Presentations as Necessary

17 With Foundations Class - Discuss Book of Days Review Chapter 5
18 Presentations of Plots and Paperwork - Discussion of Assignment

Theatre Architecture

Chapter 9
19 Cues and Storyboards and Cue Synopsis Where, When, Why Chapter 7
20 Begin Work on Dance Troupe Ensemble Plot

Rental/Sale Items

Chapter 8
21 Continue Work on Plot Dance Troupe Ensemble

Confirm Rental

22 Finalize Plot and Paperwork

23 Begin Load in Hang Dance Troupe Ensemble - Attendance as Possible throughout Day

24 No Formal Class Meeting - Continue Hang and Focus

25 Continue Hang and Focus - Attendance as Possible Throughout Day

26, 27 If on Campus, Possible Work/Focus/Cueing

28 No Formal Class - Tech Continues

Cue Writing/Tech Rehearsal


Dress Rehearsal and Fixes

30 No Formal Class Notes and Fixes at Theatre

Dance Troupe Ensemble Opens!

31 Final Class - Post Mortem


1 Introduction

The Lighting Art 1-9

Properties of Stage Lighting

Illustrated Theatre Production Guide 55-60 Types of Instruments
2 First Steps in Lighting Design

Lighting & the Design Idea 36-44 Elements of Composition

Stage Lighting Handbook 66-75 Direction/Angles

Stage Lighting Handbook 94-99 First Steps in Light Design
3 Next Steps The Lighting Art 43-52 Other Design Elements

Designing with Light 181-205 Lighting Angles/Sections

The Lighting Art 214-217 Rough Plot
4 Thinking in Section Lighting and the Design Idea 165 Section

Stage Lighting Handbook 130-139 Thinking in Section

Practical Guide to Stage Lighting 8, 30-31

Constructing a Beam Section
5 Theatre Architecture andLD Illustrated Theatre Production Guide 1-5 Intro. to Theatre Types

Stage Lighting Handbook 168-171 Thrust Stages

The Lighting Art 181-195 Formulas, Genre, Architecture

Stage Lighting Handbook 105-106 Decisions at the Drafting Board
6 Color and Style Stage Lighting Handbook 84-93 Color

The Lighting Art 167-180 Style
7 Paperwork Practical Guide to Stage Lighting 53-69 Paperwork
8 Focusing

Practical Guide to Stage Lighting 149-151 Spiking the Deck

Practical Guide to Stage Lighting 173-193 Focusing

9 Cueing

Practical Guide to Stage Lighting



Electrics Math and Safety Designing with Light

30-40 Electrical Formulas and Safety

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Fall 2003
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