21W.747 | Spring 2005 | Undergraduate



The calendar presents course highlights and is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of course activities. There are a number of different kinds of assignments in this course, which are abbreviated in the calendar. Each type of assignment is described in detail in the assignments section.

1 Unit One: Rhetoric Introduction  
2 Student Debate

Debate: D1

A1D (writing assignment 1, draft) due one day after session 2

3 Unit Two: Macropolitics A1R (writing assignment 1, revision) due
4 Unit Two: Macropolitics (cont.) S1 (speaking assignment 1) due
5 Unit Two: Macropolitics (cont.) A2D (writing assignment 2, draft) due
6 Student Debate Debate: D2
7 Unit Three: Micropolitics A2R (writing assignment 2, revision) due
8 Unit Three: Micropolitics (cont.) S2 (speaking assignment 2) due
9 Unit Four: Rhetoric of Technology  
10 Student Debate

Debate: D3

A3D (writing assignment 3, draft) due one day after session 10

11 Conferences  
12 Conferences (cont.)  
13 Unit Five: Final Presentations

A3R (writing assignment 3, revision) due

S3 (speaking assignment 3) due

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