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Example of Student Debates

During the spring of 2005, a student debate was recorded for OpenCourseWare. Below are links to the video, along with an explicit breakdown of the structure of the debate. The video in this section appears courtesy of the student presenters and Prof. Evens.

Topic for Debate 2: Resolved that it is desirable to tolerate a heterogeneity of political regimes and cultural values, even when that heterogeneity makes it more likely that democratic institutions will be attacked from without.

Moderator: Prof. Aden Evens

Affirmative Team: A1 - Joy Yuan, A2 - Jiji Gu
Negative Team: N1 - Linda Fang, N2 - Asiri Ediriwickrema

Video: (MP4 - 167 MB)

1 Introduction by Prof. Evens 0:00:00
2 First Affirmative Speech 0:01:26
3 Cross-Examination Period 0:05:29
4 Negative Preparation Period 0:08:48
5 First Negative Speech 0:10:36
6 Cross-Examination Period 0:15:50
7 Affirmative Preparation Period 0:19:24
8 Second Affirmative Speech 0:21:34
9 Cross-Examination Period 0:26:27
10 Negative Preparation Period 0:32:38
11 Second Negative Speech 0:34:58
12 Cross-Examination Period 0:38:47
13 Questions for Affirmative Team 0:41:44
14 Questions for Negative Team 0:48:54
15 Negative Preparation Period and Rebuttal 0:55:07
16 Affirmative Preparation Period 1:00:00
17 Affirmative Rebuttal 1:01:45

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