Lecture Notes

These are the lecture notes used by the instructor, Shariann Lewitt, to teach this course. Not every class meeting has instructor notes, as some course sessions are devoted to guest lectures, workshops, and student presentations (see the Calendar section for details).

1 What is Transmedia? (PDF)
2 Science Fictions–The Genre and the Media (PDF)
3 Building the World (PDF)
5 Building the Characters (PDF)
6 Building the Story (PDF)
7 What Makes it Speculative Fiction? (PDF)
8 Media Axis–Information (PDF)
9 Media Axis–Sensory Information & Iconography (PDF)
11 Media Axis–Arc of Story (PDF)
12 Engaging the Audience for Repeat / Expansion Involvement (PDF)
14 Hunger Games - Book / Film / Digital Expansion in Real Life (PDF)
15 Games and Immersive Experiences (PDF)
16 Fairy Tales, Folk Processes, and Fan Fic (PDF)

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