22.091 | Spring 2008 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Nuclear Reactor Safety

Lecture Notes

This section contains lecture notes and slides for the course. Video lectures are available for some sessions.

1 Introduction and overview (PDF - 2.0MB) (PDF)
2 Reactor physics review (PDF) (PDF)
3 Reactor kinetics and control (PDF) (PDF)
4 Fuel depletion and related effects (PDF) (PDF)
5 MIT reactor physics exercise – power change   (PDF)
6 Reactor energy removal (PDF - 1.1MB) (PDF)
7 Design issues: power cycles for nuclear plants - Rankine Cycle (PDF) (PDF)
8 Power cycles for nuclear plants – Rankine and Brayton Cycle (PDF) (PDF)
9 Safety systems and functions (PDF) (PDF)
10 Safety analysis report and LOCA (PDF) (PDF)
11 Probabilistic safety analysis (PDF - 1.1MB) (PDF)
12 Safety goals and risk informed decision making (PDF) (PDF)
13 Integration of safety analysis into operational requirements (PDF) (PDF)
14 Simulation exercises of accidents and transients (PDF) (PDF)
15 Boiling water reactors (PDF) (PDF)
16 Seabrook background information   (PDF)
17 Seabrook station simulator exercises   (PDF)
18 Pilgrim station background information (PDF - 1.9MB) (PDF)
19 Three Mile Island Accident (PDF) (PDF)
20 Chernobyl   (PDF)
21 Davis Besse – near miss 2002 (PDF - 1.8MB) (PDF)
22 Safety culture (PDF) (PDF)
23 Current regulatory issues (PDF - 2.3MB) (PDF)
24 Current regulatory safety issues (PDF) (PDF)

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