22.812J | Spring 2004 | Graduate

Managing Nuclear Technology

Lecture Notes

1 Introduction (PDF)  
2 Balance Sheets and Income Statements

The Time Value of Money

Discrete and Continuous Compounding

3 Time Value of Money Mechanics (cont.) (PDF)  
4 The Effects of Inflation

Calculation of Capital Costs

(PDF - 1.0 MB) (PDF)
5 Depreciation, Capital Recovery, and Taxes (PDF)  
6 Depreciation, Capital Recovery, and Taxes (II) (PDF)  
7 Levelized Cost of Product

Carrying Charges

8 Methods for Project Evaluation   (XLS)
9 Methods for Project Evaluation (II): Nuclear Power Economics (PDF) (PDF)
10 Quiz #1    
11 Retirement/Replacement Problems

Cost of Capital

(PDF 1)

(PDF 2)

12 Evaluating Projects under Uncertainty (PDF)  
13 Economics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (I):
Material Balances and Simple Cost Models
14 Economics of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle (II): Enrichment Case Study (PDF - 2.9 MB) (PDF 1)

(PDF 2)

15 Reprocessing and MOX Recycle: Economics and other Considerations (PDF) (PDF)
16 Nonproliferation, Safeguards, and Export Controls

Guest Lecturer: Matthew Bunn, Harvard University

(PDF - 1.5 MB) (PDF) (Courtesy of Matthew Bunn. Used with permission.)
17 Proliferation-resistance and Nuclear Energy

Guest Lecturer: Matthew Bunn, Harvard University

18 Quiz #2    
19 Externalities: Accounting and Regulation (PDF) (PDF)
20 Nuclear Waste Management (I) (PDF - 1.2 MB)  
21 Nuclear Waste Management (II)    
22 Risk Perceptions, Communication and Public Attitudes (PDF - 1.7 MB)  
23 Future of Nuclear Power (PDF)  
24 Term Project Presentations    
25 Term Project Presentations