3.016 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Mathematics for Materials Scientists and Engineers


Note: Users may find additional or updated materials at Professor Carter’s 3.016 course Web site.

Problem Set 1 (PDF) ps1_sol.nb (NB) 0.5
Problem Set 2 (PDF) ps2_setup.nb (NB)

ps2_sol.nb (NB)

Problem Set 3 (PDF) ps3_sol.nb (NB) 1.5
Problem Set 4 (PDF)   2.0
Problem Set 5 (PDF)   2.0
Problem Set 6 (PDF)   2.0

Style Sheet for 3.016 Mathematica® Notebooks: 3016_Carter.nb (NB)
The style sheet defines the presentation of this course’s .nb files, and should be downloaded to a local directory before opening other .nb files.

Professor Samuel Allen assisted with solutions to some problem sets.

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