3.016 | Fall 2005 | Undergraduate

Mathematics for Materials Scientists and Engineers


Note: Users may find additional or updated materials at Professor Carter’s 3.016 course Web site.

This page presents information for two of the labs.

There will be a laboratory each week that 3.016 meets. The labs will be practical and focused on using Mathematica® effectively. Professor Samuel Allen will assist with the labs.

There will be assigned reading from the Mathematica® help browser that comes with the software. You should always do this reading before the laboratory, or you may not be able to finish your assignment and turn it in before the end of the laboratory in order to get credit.
If you stay current in the course material and do the homeworks, you should have no difficulty doing the laboratory assignments if you do the pre-assigned reading.

Lab 1 (PDF)

Lab 4 (PDF)

Data file for Lab 4: randomwalk.dat (DAT)

Mathematica® notebook for Lab 4 data setup and sorting: 3016_Allen_Lab04.nb (NB)

Style Sheet for 3.016 Mathematica® Notebooks: 3016_Carter.nb (NB)
The style sheet defines the presentation of this course’s .nb files, and should be downloaded to a local directory before opening other .nb files.

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