Study Materials

1 Introduction to nanomechanics

Length scale animation

Wikipedia page on Richard Feynman

Richard Feynman biography from the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive

Info on Feynman’s talk “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom”

Nanotechnology podcasts by AzoNano (Australia)

Exploratorium “Small Talk” podcasts

The NanoHub Educational Resource

NanoInk, Inc.

World’s smallest guitar

Wikipedia page on “Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman”

Drexler, K. Eric. Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology. (1986).

Crichton, Michael. Prey. New York, NY: Harper Collins, 2003. ISBN: 9780007154531.

2 High resolution force spectroscopy (HRFS): The force transducer

French, A. P. “Periodic Motions,” “The Free Vibrations of Physical Systems,” and “Forced Vibrations and Resonance.” Chapters 1, 3, and 4 in Vibrations and Waves. New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Co., 1971. ISBN: 9780393099362.

Rugar, D., et al. “Adventures in Attonewton Force Detection.” Appl Phys A 72 [Suppl.] (2001): S3-S10.

Vettiger, P., et al. “The ‘Millipede’ - More Than One Thousand Tips for Future AFM Data Storage.” IBM J Res Develop 44, no. 3 (May 2000): 323-340.

Beer, F., E. R. Johnston, and J. T. DeWolf. “Pure Bending,” “Analysis and Design of Beams for Bending,” and “Deflection of Beams.” Chapters 4, 5, and 9 in Mechanics of Materials. 4th ed. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2005. ISBN: 9780073107950.

Euler’s buckling formulation

Recitation 1

Molloy, J. E., and M. J. Padgett. “Lights, Action: Optical Tweezers.” Contemporary Physics 43, no. 4 (2002): 241-258.

Let there be light. Audio program on optical tweezers from BBC “Science Frontiers.” (10/29/2003, 30 min)

3 Additional nanomechanics instrumentation components

Domke, J., et al. “Mapping the Mechanical Pulse of Single Cardiomyocytes with the Atomic Force Microscope.” Eur Biophys J 28 (1999): 179-186.

Guo, X. E., et al. “Intracellular Calcium Waves in Bone Cell Networks Under Single Cell Nanoindentation.” MCB 3, no. 3 (2006): 95-107.

Roylance, D. E. “Matrix and Index Notation.” From 3.11 Mechanics of Materials, Fall 1999, MIT OpenCourseWare. [Refer to the piezoelectricity equations.] ( PDF)

Shusteff, M., T. P. Burg, and S. R. Manalis. “Measuring Boltzmann’s Constant with a Low-Cost Atomic Force Microscope: An Undergraduate Experiment.” Am J Phys 74, no. 10 (October 2006): 873-9.

4 Force versus distance curves  
5 Atomic force microscope (AFM) imaging

AFM visualizations (IBM)

AFM model (Lehigh University) ( EXE) (Courtesy of Joseph Griffith. Used with permission.)

Tapping mode AFM visualization (Digital Instruments/Veeco)

First AFM on Mars visualizations (U. Basel Switzerland)

6 AFM imaging II: Artifacts and applications  
7 Single cell mechanics

The nanomanipulator (UNC Chapel Hill)

8 Qualitative introduction to intra - and intermolecular forces

Review of definitions for intra- and intermolecular interactions ( PDF)

Hartgerink, J. D., et al. “Self-Assembly and Mineralization of Peptide-Amphiphile Nanofibers” Science 294, no. 5547 (November 23, 2001): 1684-1688.

Amino acid structures

Dissolving of salt by water simulation (Wellesley College)

Van der Waals animation (Wellesley College)

9 Quantitative description of intra - and intermolecular forces  
10 Molecule - surface interactions Solutions to integrals shown in lecture ( PDF)
11 Colloids and interparticle potentials

Lewis, J. A. “Colloidal Processing of Ceramics.” J Am Ceram Soc 83, no. 10 (2000): 2341-59.

Israelachvili, J. “Chord Theorem.” In Intermolecular Forces. 2nd ed. p. 143.

12 Van der Waals forces at work: Gecko feet adhesion  
13 Midterm exam solutions review  
14 The electrical double layer (EDL) - part 1

EDL length scales ( PDF)

Electrostatics definitions ( PDF)

15 The electrical double layer (EDL) - part 2  
16 Nanomechanics of cartilage Nanomechanics of cartilage: Definitions ( PDF)
17 Protein - surface interactions  
18 Nanomechanics and biocompatibility: protein - biomaterial interactions, part 2 Halperin, A. “Polymer Brushes that Resist Adsorption of Model Proteins: Design Parameters.” Langmuir 15 (1999): 2525-2533.
19 Elasticity of single polymer chains: Theoretical formulations  
20 Theoretical aspects of single molecule force spectroscopy: Extensibility and the worm-like chain (WLC)  
21 Single chain elasticity of biomacromolecules: The giant protein titin and DNA  
22 Theoretical aspects of nanoindentation  
23 Nanoindentation 2: Oliver-Pharr method and one literature example: Nacre  
24 Intermolecular interactions in motility of a biological spring (guest lecture by Danielle France, course TA)  

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