3.054 | Spring 2015 | Undergraduate, Graduate

Cellular Solids: Structure, Properties and Applications


1 Introduction and overview  
2 Processing of cellular solids Problem Set 1 out
3 Structure of cellular solids  
4 Honeycombs: In-plane behaviour Problem Set 1 due
5 Honeycombs: Out-of-plane behaviour Problem Set 2 out
6 Natural honeycombs: Wood, cork  
7 Foams: Linear elasticity, strength, densification, fracture

Problem Set 2 due

Problem Set 3 out

Project Proposal due

8 Foams: Mictrostructural design, lattice materials, property charts  
9 Foams: Thermal properties Problem Set 3 due
10 Exam review  
Test 1
11 Trabelcular bone  
12 Osteoporosis and evolution Problem Set 4 out
13 Tissue engineering scaffolds: Processing and properties  
14 Tissue engineering scaffolds case study: Osteochondral scaffold Project Update due
15 Cell-scaffold interactions: Attachment, morphology, contraction, migration, differentiation  
16 Applications: Energy absorption in foams Problem Set 4 due
17 Applications: Sandwich panels Problem Set 5 out
18 Natural sandwich structures + Density gradients  
19 Biomimicking Problem Set 5 due
Test 2
20 How I became a professor Project due

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