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Cellular Solids: Structure, Properties and Applications

Lecture Notes

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Some of the images originally contained in these notes have been excluded due to copyright restrictions. To see more of the images, please refer to the following books:

  • Gibson, L. J., and M. F. Ashby. Cellular Solids: Structure and Properties. 2nd ed. Cambridge University Press, 1997. ISBN: 9780521495608. [Preview with Google Books]
  • Gibson, L. J., M. F. Ashby, and B. A. Harley. Cellular Materials in Nature and Medicine. Cambridge University Press, 2010. ISBN: 9780521195447. [Preview with Google Books]
  • Ashby, M. F., A. G. Evans, et al. Metal Foams: A Design Guide. Society of Automotive Engineers Incorporated, 2000. ISBN: 9780768005554. [Preview with Google Books]

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1 Introduction and overview Lecture 1: Introduction (PDF - 3.2MB) No transcription version
2 Processing of cellular solids Lecture 2: Processing (PDF - 2.3MB) Lecture 2: Processing (PDF - 2.2MB)
3 Structure of sellular solids Lecture 3: Structure (PDF - 3.9MB) Lecture 3: Structure (PDF - 1.8MB)
4 Honeycombs: In-plane behaviour Lecture 4: Honeycombs: In-plane (PDF - 6.2MB) Lecture 4: Honeycombs: In-plane (PDF - 3.4MB)
5 Honeycombs: Out-of-plane behaviour Lecture 5: Honeycombs: Out-of-plane (PDF - 2.0MB) Lecture 5: Honeycombs: Out-of-plane (PDF)
6 Natural honeycombs: Wood, cork

Lecture 6: Wood (PDF - 4.1MB)

Lecture 6: Cork (PDF - 4.1MB)

Lecture 6: Wood (PDF - 1.8MB)

Lecture 6: Cork (PDF - 3.3MB)

7 Foams: Linear elasticity, strength, densification, fracture Lecture 7: Foams (PDF - 7.1MB) Lecture 7: Foams (PDF - 6.3MB)
8 Foams: Mictrostructural design, lattice materials, property charts Lecture 8: Foam design (PDF - 4.2MB) Lecture 8: Foam design (PDF - 3.9MB)
9 Foams: Thermal properties Lecture 9: Thermal properties (PDF - 3.0MB) Lecture 9: Thermal properties (PDF - 2.1MB)
10 Exam review No notes No notes
11 Trabelcular bone Lecture 11: Trabecular bone (PDF - 3.9MB) Lecture 11: Trabecular bone (PDF - 3.7MB)
12 Osteoporosis Lecture 12: Osteoporosis (PDF - 5.0MB) Lecture 12: Oseoporosis (PDF - 4.1MB)
13 Tissue engineering scaffolds: Processing and properties Lecture 13: Tissue engineering scaffolds (PDF - 2.5MB) Lecture 13: Tissue engineering scaffolds (PDF - 1.5MB)
14 Tissue engineering scaffolds case study: Osteochondral scaffold Lecture 14: Osteochondral scaffold (PDF - 2.7MB) No transcription version
15 Cell-scaffold interactions: attachment, morphology, contraction, migration, differentiation Lecture 15: Cell-scaffold interactions (PDF - 4.1MB) Lecture 15: Cell-scaffold interactions (PDF - 3.5MB)
16 Applications: Energy absorption Lecture 16: Energy absorption (PDF - 6.4MB) Lecture 16: Energy absorption (PDF - 5.1MB)
17 Applications: Sandwich panels Lecture 17: Sandwich panels (PDF - 4.5MB) Lectures 17: Sandwich panels (PDF - 3.2MB)

Natural sandwich structures

Density gradients

Lecture 18: Natural sandwich structures (PDF - 1.6MB)

Lecture 18: Density gradients (PDF - 7.8MB)

Lecture 18: Natural sandwich structures (PDF - 1.5MB)

Lecture 18: Density gradients (PDF - 5.5MB)


Hierarchical structure and mechanics of plant materials


Lecture 19: Biomimicking (PDF - 1.8MB) No transcription version
20 How I became a professor No notes No notes

Spring 2014 Guest Lectures



Guest lecture: Prof. Mike Demkowicz

Nanofoams notes (PDF)
(Courtesy of M. J. Demkowicz. Used with permission.)

Nanofoams slides (PDF - 2.6MB)
(Courtesy of M. J. Demkowicz. Used with permission.)

Metal foams

Guest lecture: Dr. Nihan Tuncer

Cellular materials (PDF - 2.0MB)
(Courtesy of Nihan Tuncer. Used with permission.)

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