3.091 | Fall 2018 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Solid-State Chemistry


Recitation 1: Balancing Reactions, Yield, and Limiting Reagents (PDF)

Recitation 2: Avogadro and Moles, Periodic Table, Isotopes, and Combustion (PDF)

Recitation 3: Waves, Photons, and Bohr Model (PDF)

Recitation 4: Energy, Frequency, Wavelength, and Ionization (PDF)

Recitation 5: Quantum Numbers (PDF)

Recitation 6: Aufbau Principle, Electron Filling, Box Notation, and Photoelectron Spectroscopy (PDF)

Recitation 7: Periodic Trends, Lewis Dot Diagrams, and Formal Charge (PDF)

Recitation 8: Resonance, and Formal Charge (cont.) (PDF)

Recitation 9: VSEPR and Polarity (PDF)

Recitation 10: Hybridization, Atomic Orbitals, and Molecular Orbital Theory (PDF)

Recitation 11: More Molecular Orbital Theory and Intermolecular Forces (PDF)

Recitation 12: Band Diagrams, Semiconductors, and Doping (PDF)

Recitation 13: Bravais Lattices and Crystal Packing (PDF)

Recitation 14: Miller Indices and Interplanar Spacing (PDF)

Recitation 15: X-ray Generation, Diffraction, and Bragg’s Law (PDF)

Recitation 16: X-ray Diffraction and Selection Rules (PDF)

Recitation 17: Point Defects and Arrhenius-like Vacancy Activation (PDF)

Recitation 18: Line Defects, Mechanics and Stress-strain Curves, and Slip (PDF)

Recitation 19: Glasses and Cooling Curves (PDF)

Recitation 20: Glass Formers and Network Modifiers (PDF)

Recitation 21: Reaction Kinetics, Rate Laws and Rate Constants (PDF)

Recitation 22: Equilibrium, Solubility Product, and Common Ion Effect (PDF)

Recitation 23: Acids, Bases, and Dissociation (PDF)

Recitation 24: pH and pOH, pKa and pKb (PDF)

Recitation 25: Polymers, Radical Polymerization, Condensation Polymerization, and Polymer Properties (PDF)

Recitation 26: Steady State Diffusion, Diffusion Coefficient, Fick’s Second Law (PDF)

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