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Mechanics of Materials

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Modern Materials Science and Engineering (PDF)
Tungsten - Theory (PDF)
Using Maple to Plot Singularity Functions (PDF)
Edge Dislocation - Numerical Simulation (PDF)
Helicopter Rotor Blades (PDF)
Silicate Glass (PDF)
Maple Solution for Principal Stress in 4-Point Bending (PDF)
Edge Dislocation - Solution from Stress Function (PDF)
Form vs. Function in Design (PDF)
Zirconium Tungstate  
Maple Solution for Statically Indeterminate Beam (PDF)
Iron-carbon Phase Diagram (GIF)
Flywheel Design (PDF)
Compressive Force in Heated Tapered Rod (PDF)
Foamcore Panel (PDF)
Steel Microstructures (PDF)
Strength vs. Density - Ashby Plot  
Polydimethyl Siloxane Analysis (PDF)
Stresses Around a Circular Hole (PDF)
Statistics (PDF)
Efficiency of Materials (PDF)
Tensile Testing (PDF)
Cathedrals and Photoelasticity (PDF)
Creep-rupture Lifetimes (PDF)
Elongation of Constant-stress Column (Maple Solution) (PDF)
Truss Matrix Assembly (PDF)
FElt Solution for Circular Hole (PDF)
Titenic Rivert Failure (GIF)
Periodic Table/Melting Points (PDF)
Pressure Vessel Creep (PDF)
Galerkin Weighted Residual Method (PDF)
S. S. Schenectady Failure (PDF)
Periodic Table/Young’s Modulus (PDF)
Anisotropic Compliance Relations (PDF)
Structural Metal Alloys (PDF)
Fatigue Fracture Surfaces (PDF)

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