3.40J | Fall 2009 | Graduate
Physical Metallurgy


1 Introduction  
2 Basic crystallography; BCC, FCC, HCP structures; Miller indices; crystal symmetry; stereographic projection  
3 Crystal shear stress and yielding; Burgers’ vector; introduction to edge, screw, and mixed dislocations; stress, strain, and stored energy  
4 Dislocation energy; stress fields; movement of dislocations  
5 Dislocation interactions; Peach-Koehler equation; effects on material behavior; Frank-Read sources; observing dislocations  
6 Crystal structures and their slip systems; dislocation shear stress resolution; using stereographic projections Problem set 1 due
7 Applying stress; cross-slipping; dislocation locking; jogs and partials  
8 More dislocation interactions; Orowan looping; work hardening; polycrystal deformation  
9 Twinning  
10 Heating metals; dislocation climb; recovery; annealing  
11 Annealing; recrystallization; polygonization; coarsening; JMAK analysis Review assignment 1 due
12 Recrystallization; nucleation; grain growth; effects of temperature, strain, grain size, impurities Problem set 2 due
13 Review for Exam 1  
14 Exam 1 Exam 1
15 Alloying and deformation; forces on dislocations  
16 Solid solutions; strengthening; annealing; diffusion kinetics  
17 Precipitate hardening; heat treatment; effect of time and temperature on microstructure  
18 Precipitate hardening; phase boundaries; mechanisms; size effects Problem set 3 due
19 Contributions to precipitate hardening; phase diagrams; kinetics; Ostwald ripening; TTT diagrams Review assignment 2 due
20 Intra-particle stresses; isostrain and isostress; modulus limits; contiguity and percolation  
21 Introduction to steel; Fe-C phase diagram; phases and microstructures Review assignment 2 due
22 Steel properties Problem set 4 due
23 Steel (cont.)  
24 Exam 2 Exam 2
25 Nanocrystalline metals; properties, dislocations, and grain boundaries; applications  
26 Conclusions Review assignment 3 due
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