4.111 | Spring 2014 | Undergraduate

Introduction to Architecture & Environmental Design


The assignments that correspond to the three exercises are available on the Assignments section page. The links below lead to the sample student work produced for each exercise.

Exercise 1: Human Scale: Proportions and Rhythm

  • Measurement charts
  • Representations of the wire
  • Freehand pencil tracings
  • Pencil drawings
  • Pen drawings
  • Model photographs

Exercise 2: Human Scale: Transparency

  • Thread drawings
  • Model photographs

Exercise 3: Architecture Scale: Tectonic Movement

  • Measurement charts
  • Cube drawings
  • Model photographs

A compilation of the student work for is also available for Exercises 1 and 2, and Exercise 3 .

Exercise 3: Architecture Scale: Tectonic Movement

Courtesy of Julie Ko, Heather Soukup Martin Hackl, Rae Oakley, Johanna Greenspan-Johnston and MIT Student. Used with permission.

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