5.301 | January IAP 2012 | Undergraduate

Chemistry Laboratory Techniques



“CC” refers to the “Competent Chemist” modules.
“EE” refers to the “Expert Experimentalist” modules.

1 Introductory Lecture, Pre-Lab Reports and Lab Notebooks Safety Instruments & Check in
2 NMR Spectroscopy CC: Transfer & Manipulation, NMR, IR
3 Extraction Techniques & IR Spectroscopy EE: Acids, Bases & In Between
4 Recrystallization Techniques CC: Recrystallization Mothball
5 Mass Spectroscopy EE: Recrystallization Single Crystal
6 Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation CC: Distillation, GC and MS
7 TLC, Column & Gas Chromatography EE: Distillation, RI & IR
8 Students Present Distillation Results CC/EE: Column Chromatography
9 Protein Assays - Biochemistry CC: Biochemistry
10 Error Analysis EE: Biochemistry
11 Original Research Project Charge, Synthesis of Penicillin Derivatives Orig Research: Synthesis, Penicillin
12 Students Present Results of Synthesis and Schemes Purify product, Column Chromatography
13 Writing Up The Research Lab Report Test Penicillin with E. Coli
14  No Lecture Complete Research Labwork
15  No Lecture Work on Lab Report
16  No Lecture Work on Lab Report (cont.)
17  No Lecture Lab Reports Due

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January IAP 2012
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