6.003 | Fall 2011 | Undergraduate
Signals and Systems


Reading assignments are broken down by topic, and are assigned from the following textbook unless otherwise noted:

Oppenheim, Alan, and Alan Willsky. Signals and Systems. 2nd ed. Prentice Hall, 1996. ISBN: 9780138147570.

Discrete-time (DT) systems Chapters 1–4 of supplementary notes
Continuous-time (CT) systems 1.0–1.5, 2.4–2.5
Laplace transforms 9.1–9.10
Z transforms 10.1–10.10
Convolution 2.0–2.6
Frequency response 3.10, 6.0–6.2.3, 6.5–6.5.3
Feedback 11.0–11.2.3
CT Fourier series 3.0–3.5.9
CT Fourier transform 4.0–4.8
DT Fourier series 3.6–3.12
DT Fourier transform 5.0–5.9
Sampling 7.0–7.6
Modulation 8.0–8.9

Supplementary Notes

The following notes are written by Sanjoy Mahajan and Dennis Freeman, and used with permission.

Complete course notes (PDF)
Front matter (table of contents, preface) (PDF)
Chapter 1: Difference equations (PDF)
Chapter 2: Difference equations and modularity (PDF)
Chapter 3: Block diagrams and operators: two new representations (PDF)
Chapter 4: Modes (PDF)
Chapter 5: Repeated roots (PDF)
Chapter 6: The perfect (sine) wave (PDF)
Chapter 7: Control (PDF)
Chapter 8: Proportional and derivative control (PDF)
Back matter (bibliography, index) (PDF)
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