6.041 | Spring 2006 | Undergraduate

Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability


In addition to course assignments and solutions, the textbook errata and homework policy is provided below. Undergraduates enrolled in 6.041 were expected to do all problems except the problems designated with a ‘G’, which were required of graduate students enrolled in 6.431 and optional for ambitious undergraduates.

Problem Set Policy (PDF)

Problem Errata (PDF)

Problem Set 1 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 2 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 3 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 4 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 5 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 6 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 7 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 8 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 9 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 10 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 11 (PDF) (PDF)
Problem Set 12 (PDF) (PDF)

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