6.092 | January IAP 2006 | Undergraduate
Java Preparation for 6.170

Lecture Notes

The daily class sessions consisted of two hours of lecture followed by one hour of assisted lab work. The lectures notes are provided below. All lecture notes were used with the permission of the instructor named.

1 Introduction and JavaTM Programming by Lucy Mendel (PDF)

JavaTM Objects by Corey McCaffrey (PDF)

2 Classes and Interfaces by Justin Mazzola Paluska (PDF)

Polymorphism by Robert Toscano (PDF)

3 Hashing, Collections, and Comparators by Scott Ostler (PDF)
4 Interfaces, Abstract classes, Exceptions, Inner classes by Lucy Mendel (PDF)
5 Review, Question and Answer, Writing an Address Book Program that Loads and Stores Files to Disk