6.092 | January IAP 2006 | Undergraduate

Java Preparation for 6.170

Study Materials

This course makes use of Athena, MIT’s UNIX-based computing environment. OCW does not provide access to this environment.

The following materials were provided to aid students in completing the course assignments.

Helpful Notes

  • JavaTM Reference Handout (PDF)

  • Iterator (PDF)

  • Continue and Break (PDF)

  • Interfaces (PDF)

  • This and Super (General Use and Constructors) (PDF)

  • Overloading (PDF)

  • Overriding (PDF)

6.170 Tools

  • Eclipse Reference for 6.170 (PDF)

  • Setting up Eclipse at Home (PDF)

  • JavaTM Style Guide (PDF)

  • Introduction to 6.170 Tools and Infrastructure (PDF ‑ 2.0 MB)