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Applied Superconductivity

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Main Textbook

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Other Textbooks

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Fundamentals of Superconductivity

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Applications of Superconductivity

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Applied Superconductivity Conferences (ASC)

  • ASC-2004 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 15, 2005
  • ASC-2002 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 13, 2003
  • ASC-2000 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 11, 2001
  • ASC-1998 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 9, 1999
  • ASC-1996 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 7, 1997
  • ASC-1994 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 5, 1995
  • ASC-1992 IEEE Trans. Appl. Super. 3, 1993
  • ASC-1990 IE superconductibity trilley E superconductibity trilley E Trans. Mag. 27, 1991
  • ASC-1988 IEEE Trans. Mag. 25, 1989
  • ASC-1986 IEEE Trans. Mag. 23, 1987
  • ASC-1984 IEEE Trans. Mag. 21, 1985
  • ASC-1982 IEEE Trans. Mag. 19, 1983
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General Textbooks

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General Review Articles

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