1 Overview of Semiconductor Manufacturing

Statistical Process Control
2 Statistics Review: Distributions

3 Statistics Review: Estimation PS #1 Due
4 Hypothesis Tests and Control Chart Introduction

5 Control Charts

6 Advanced Control Charts, Nested Variance PS #2 Due
Experimental Design
7 Analysis and Design of Experiments

8 ANOVA, Variance Component Estimation PS #3 Due
9 MANOVA, Factorial Experiments

Quiz #1

Yield and Yield Learning
10 Design of Experiments and Response Surface Modeling

11 RSM and Regression PS #4 Due
12 Yield Management and Modeling

13 Yield Modeling PS #5 Due
Advanced Process Control
14 Spatial Modeling

15 Sensors and Signals PS #6 Due
16 PCA and Time Series

17 Run by Run Control Critical Paper Review Due
18 Real Time Control, Scheduling

Factory Operation and Design
19 Scheduling

Quiz #2

PS #7 Due
20 Planning

21 Factory Design and Efficiency

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